Moontime and Dreaming
Body Oil
A deeply nurturing and calming oil for your body during times when it is calling for reconnection and love.

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Each bottle of oil is infused with mugwort for dreaming, deepening your loving connection with your body and accessing fuller connection with your inner self; yarrow for easing and balancing muscle tension and cramps, as well as strengthening energetic protective boundaries; and lavender for a hint of sweetness, calm and grounding.

The subtle scent captures the earthy bitterness of mugwort and yarrow, with a touch of warmth from the lavender. It evokes a green forest glade with the earth beneath your feet and leafy medicinal protective plants all around you.

Massage a dropperful or two into your back, hips and over your womb space to ease and calm cramping or aches (adding a heat pack over the area after massaging in the oil feels extra good too).

You can also massage it in to your body any time to centre, calm and reconnect with your self; after a bath, before bed, or whenever you feel the call.


Homegrown yarrow, mugwort and lavender

Organic oilve oil and apricot kernel oil



Cautions & Allergy Warning 

Please patch test first before using and check ingredient list for any known allergies.