A bundle of three dahlia tubers ready to plant for beautiful late summer and autumn flowers! These dahlias are from a row of tubers stored over the winter and unlabelled, so its a bit of a mystery as to what you might get- there could be three of the same or three different colours and shapes. To give you a clue on what they could be, they are from a mixed row that included all the varieties pictured in the product image and gallery. Happy planting and I hope you enjoy the blooms that appear!

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The dahlias are lightly cleaned of soil but not scrubbed in order to maintain the integrity of the tuber. You can wash it before planting if you wish, but do go gently.


If you order more than two dahlia items, it may turn out to be a larger parcel and postage might cost extra – if it does, I’ll email you and we can work it out. Thank you!