Wedding and Event Flowers



Made with flowers from our cutting garden and gathered from the surrounding valley, our seasonal garden designs are for those of you who are looking for beautiful, unique arrangements for your special day.

Using scented cottage blooms, medicinal herbs and wild textures, our garden gathered arrangements are the perfect complement for you wild souls; those who love the beauty and spirit of nature, the seasons, and naturally grown flowers.

You are invited to get in touch with us to share with us the colours and textures you would love to see brought to life through your flowers. We can then plan your designs, knowing what will be blossoming at just the right time and to complement your vision. Flowers that you will love to hold and admire, and that truly speak to your soul.

Autumn dahlias and roses


Seasonal Flower Pricing Guide:

These prices are given as a range, depending on the exact size and style you would like to choose. Final pricing will be confirmed after our consultations.

Bridal Bouquets: from $165

Bridesmaids Bouquets: from $100

Buttonholes: from $20

Table decorations in vases: small: from $39 ; medium: from $75 ; large: from $150 +

For any other floral elements, we can provide you with an estimate on pricing. Flowers can be picked up from the farm for your wedding/event, or delivery arranged.

For more details and a more detailed pricing estimate, please fill in the form below and Rosie will be in touch with you within seven days. See our gallery for more examples of our custom wedding and event work.



Alternatively, some couples and event hosts prefer a low-key approach, and are welcome to come by one of our flower stalls where we have small, sweet and simple bunches for sale. A few days before your event/wedding, you can pre-order or come by a stall early before we sell out (read more here about keeping your flowers fresh and beautiful till your event) and enjoy our flowers on your special day.

lovefool photography



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