Freshly crushed & pressed organic juice by the Rose & Radish

We attend local fairs and markets with our basket press and crates of organic Adelaide Hills apples. With a bit of muscle the fruit is crushed and pressed, creating naturally sweet and delicious juice which we serve both cold straight from the press, and hot mulled with spices.

This started as a family tradition in our­­ home orchard several years ago. Children love to help with the process of crushing and pressing the apples and love the results even more. As night fell, we would mull the juice on the coals of the bonfire, in autumn and winter in the hills nothing is more warming and fortifying then a hot cup of fresh mulled juice.

The process of crushing and pressing apples is romantic and honours the Adelaide Hills history as an apple growing region. The movement and activity of pressing the apples also adds to the atmosphere and bucolic feel of a market or event. It’s a wholesome, earthy and authentic thing to watch and participate in.

Our juice is organic and non alcoholic, with no added sugar or preservatives. We look forward to sharing a cup with you soon.

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